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Natural Pregnancy Care in Mendota

The Webster Technique

Woman with hand on pregnant bellyThe Webster Technique is a chiropractic style developed to help mothers with in-uterus constraint (more commonly known as a baby presenting in the breech position).

It is a specific protocol designed to create proper alignment of the spine and pelvis so baby is able to move into the desired head-down position.

Please note that the doctor is not actually turning the baby, but creating an environment so that these changes are possible. Research has shown that the technique lessens the need for interventions during delivery, such as a C-section.

Is It Safe?

Yes, absolutely. The techniques used are very easy and gentle. Many expectant mothers come with the goal of a shorter and healthier delivery experience. This goal can be achieved by properly preparing the body, maintaining mobility, and improving flexibility.

When the mother’s health and well being is improved, so therefore is her child’s.

When Should I Begin Care?

Many pregnant women begin undergoing chiropractic care early in their pregnancies—some even before becoming pregnant with the goal of maintaining an optimal nervous system throughout the entire nine months.

When you decide to give chiropractic a try, we’ll explain the entire process to you so there are no surprises. Your adjustments will be gentle and relaxing—there’s no need for nerves with us. We encourage moms-to-be to ask any questions they may have—we want you to be an active participant in your (and your baby’s) health care.

Anytime Is the Right Time

If you have concerns or fears, please contact Becker Chiropractic. We encourage you to visit us before planning a pregnancy as well. It is an honor to create healthy bodies to grow life. Symptoms and pain are not always ideal indicators of health. Seeking treatment proactively presents an opportunity to address issues before they become problems.

Discover how we can help you, or a pregnant woman in your life, experience the best possible delivery and pregnancy. Contact Becker Chiropractic today to book an appointment.

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