Office Tour-

                                                              We want to welcome you to Becker Chiropractic!

This is our reception area and front desk. We welcome you with enthusiasm and encouragement as you start your chiropractic experience, taking your first steps towards true health.  We are here to answer any questions that you may  have and help you thoughout your progress.

                                               When you arrive, you will sign in and will be given an office tour.

We have a kids' corner where children can play while they wait to be adjusted.  The tree in the corner represents all the children who are on wellness care and understand the importance of being healthy.


This is our adjustment area



Our exam room is where new patients fill out our case history form and related paperwork.  Dr. Cindy will go through necessary procedures for your specific case as well as insurance and payment responsibilites.



Any necessary x-rays will be taken following your examination and are developed in minutes.


This is our educational room.  On the 2nd visit, you will watch a short video relating to x-rays.  This will prepare you prior to meeting with Dr. Cindy to discuss your x-rays, report of findings, treatment care schedule, and to receive your first adjustment.


Our lending library gives you the opportunity to check out our current educational literature, books and videos on   chiropractic care and the benefits of living a well balanced life style for adults and children.