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Meet Dr. Cynthia Becker

Chiropractic: Always a Part of Life

Dr. Cynthia BeckerSeeing the chiropractor was a standard practice during Dr. Becker’s childhood. Whenever she or one of her siblings was sick or injured, they were taken to the chiropractor to get adjusted before seeking out medical help. So as she grew and developed an interest in the sciences, chiropractic was a natural fit.

A Passion for Healing and Family

Dr. Cynthia Becker opened up Becker Chiropractic over 28 years ago, months after graduating with her doctorate from Palmer College. Although both she and her husband grew up in Wisconsin, they loved the small town feel of Mendota and knew they wanted to raise their family in this close-knit community. She has been married to her husband, John, for 29 years. They have two college-aged sons who literally grew up in the office. Dr. Becker is eternally grateful for the support and love of her family.

No Time to Waste

Dr. Becker knows that people nowadays are busier than ever and tend to be more stressed. She realizes that your time is precious. Therefore her approach is warm and caring while being upfront and direct. She prefers to “lay it all out on the table” and then collaborate with a practice member to decide on the most ideal path. Dr. Becker loves working with practice members who are invested in their wellness journey. She can always be found offering up bits of information and strategies to improve one’s physical, mental, social, and emotional health.

Out of the Office

When not at the office, you can often find Dr. Becker at a baseball game or fishing with her family. She also enjoys reading, crossword puzzles, and almost any kind of outdoor activity. She treasures time spent connecting with family and friends over a home-cooked meal. Learn more about Dr. Becker when you visit us for your first appointment. Contact us today to make it happen!

Dr. Cynthia Becker | (815) 538-2182